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The Woods



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Tray of Flowers

Wallpaper Book


From the moment you pick up this gloriously illustrated volume you know you are in for a special experience. The cover’s paper is unusually tactile for a book jacket. How can I describe it? You must see for yourself – Carolle has achieved her goal to “turn open a door unto a most magical world and enable readers to discover a unique area of the decorative arts.”

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Seliger Listen

The highly acclaimed contemporary photographer presents his private and evocative nudes, landscapes, and close-up still lifes. Listen is in a sense a memento mori, which follows in the tradition of many photographers (Weston, Stieglitz) and artists (C├ęzanne) who, at a certain age, focus on the nude, landscapes, and still lifes. It highlights Mark Seliger's personal reflections on seeing and on the passage of time. Best known for his portraits of celebrities and musicians, Listen is a compilation of works from Seliger's private collection that captures the essence of light and shadow, and whose photographs speak to us metaphorically. The book includes more than ninety tritones, each printed with a turn-of-the-century platinum palladium photographic process, a process that results in a highly detailed, rich texture. Many of the photographs were made especially for this book and will be published for the first time. In 2009, Seliger was the recipient of the Lucie Award for outstanding achievement in portraiture.

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Diego Rivera Book

This lavish volume - the first book to feature Rivera's complete mural oeuvre, including newly discovered works - features numerous large-scale details of the murals, allowing their various components and subtleties to be closely examined. In addition to the murals is a vast selection of paintings, vintage photos, documents, and drawings from public and private collections around the world many of which the whereabouts were previously unknown to scholars and whose inclusion here is thanks to the most intense research performed on Rivera's work since his death. Texts include an illustrated biography and essays by prominent art historians offering interpretations of each mural. One could not ask for a more comprehensive study of Rivera's oeuvre; finally, a half-century after Rivera's death, his work is the subject of the sweeping retrospective it deserves.

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Heike Grebenstein